Best Liquid Collagen Supplement


When it comes to the best liquid collagen supplement hands-down Skinade takes the cake as being one of the top collagen supplement on the market. They have been featured in hundreds of reputable magazines such as Vouge, Cosmopolitan, OK! and the list goes on. Another cool thing about Skinade is the fact that they have their clinical studies published on their website for all to see. I have reviewed hundreds of different collagen manufacturers, but none of which actually had the clinical studies to back up what they were saying. They also have an 8.3 rating on and for those of you who don’t know is a place where users leave reviews about a multitude of different products and these reviews are then verified to make sure that they’re not fraudulent. Skinade also produces one of the best tasting supplements on the market. If you ever drank any type of liquid collagen, you’ll notice is that it usually has a nasty aftertaste but that’s not the case with Skinade. Skinade uses an all-natural flavors of peach and mangosteen which taste simply amazing. Using any other product would simply be a waste of money!

Why is Skinade The Best?


One of the many reasons why we consider Skinade as one of the best collagen supplements is the fact that they utilize a Marine based formula which is derived from freshwater fish, it does NOT contain any GMO’s, artificial flavors, alcohol, artificial colors or porcine. It’s sourced from all natural ingredients and is vegetarian friendly as well as diabetic friendly.

Liquid Marine Based Collagen is Safer


For those of you who don’t know manufacturers have different ways of creating their supplements. Some use what’s known as bovine (cow) while others utilize a different form of collagen which is Marine based. There are several reasons why people prefer Marine based liquid collagen versus any other form and its primarily due to it’s effectiveness but not only that you don’t face the risk of ingesting bovine which might contains what’s known as “mad cow disease”. What some manufacturers tend to do is use cut-rate cows (cows, which are sick or have some type of defect), which allows them to increase profit margins exponentially because they get these cows at a very cheap rate. The problem is it can cause illness within humans, so this is why people tend to avoid bovine based collagen (with the exception for Type II collagen) in general because they don’t want to take that risk.

Another thing some manufacturers tend to do is to use collagen, which is derived from dead baby fetuses, which is absolutely disgusting if you ask me. This is typically found in college and creams and there have been multiple groups that have been trying to stop this practice. Regardless of the fact, you’re better off using a Marine based supplement. There is only one reason why you shouldn’t use a Marine based supplement and that’s if you’re allergic to fish. The two types of fish commonly found in Marine base collagen is shark and shellfish so as long as you don’t have an allergic reaction to either of these fish then you have nothing to worry about.

The Benefits of Taking Collagen



If you’re new to collagen or if this is their first time hearing about it let me explain some of the benefits that happens to be associated with drinking these types of supplements. For one, most brands that you find in stores and online will typically cover type I and type III. These two types of collagen are the main reasons why men and women take the supplement in the first place because it’s great for promoting hair growth/preventing hair loss as well as promoting healthy skin and nails. That’s just the tip of the iceberg, almost all your organs within your body contains collagen and that’s why it’s important to take a supplement because after the age of 20 you lose 1% of collagen every single year (which is why people start to look older), which means you would then have to start taking supplements to replenish that. This is one reason why it’s considered as the fountain of youth in a sense.

Arthritis & Osteoporosis


There is one more type I didn’t mention which is type II collagen and unlike type I and type III its main benefits are to promote healthy bones and joints. One of the leading cause of osteoporosis and arthritis is the shrinkage of cartilage in between your joints. As mentioned before, after the age of 20 your body does start producing smaller amounts of collagen each year as you get older and one of the side effects of this is to shrinkage of your cartilage. As important as it is to know there’s very few people who even know that this is one of the main reasons why people develop arthritis/osteoporosis. Also, if you take any pharmaceutical drugs be it aspirin or other you deplete your collagen levels much faster, which can lead to you developing symptoms of arthritis and osteoporosis even quicker. So it is imperative that you start taking it as early as possible to avoid future complications, over 40 million Americans have arthritis and over 20 million Americans have osteoporosis, this means that 1 out 8 people in the US will be affected. Unfortunately Skinade does not contain Type II collagen (no product on the market contains all 3 types). If you taking collagen for arthritis reasons then unfortunately you’re going to have to use bovine based collagen since Type II collagen comes from cows, you can find out more here:

Liquid is Simply Better


The reason why liquid based collagen is the best is you can consume is due to the fact that it goes straight into your bloodstream and bypasses the digestive system. This means that you get the facts much faster than any other form, including taking pills. Anytime you take a pill or tablet, it takes much longer for your body to get the facts of whatever you’re taking because it has to go through the digestive tract and depending on when you took it (before or after a meal) depends on how soon you get the fax from it. Also, it liquid substances in general, your body has a higher absorption rate because of the fact that it doesn’t go through the digestive tract were as peels and tablets have a maximum desertion rate of 60 to 70%. No matter how you look at it liquid is always better, which is why the majority of cough/cold medicines come in liquid form.